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Ohromující, estetické, elegantní...jednoduše krásné...

Akrobacie, vertikální šály, vertikální lana, trapé Werner-von-Linde-Halle.

Arobatics on the Ground and in the Air

The EJC will offer manifold activities for acrobats and jugglers with an interest in acrobatics. The will be beginners' workshops in partner acrobatics and in forming human pyramids. You can also try out hand balancing, jugglobatics, ikaren, adagio, dynamic acrobatics and much much more. All coaches have years of teaching experience and perform professionally or semi-professionally on national and international stages. You are bound to have fun!

There will be a chance to try out acrobatics up in the air this year! We will offer a number of workshops covering various disciplines (single trapeze, double trapeze, silks, rings, ...). All levels of difficulties can be tried out  The workshops will be coached by circus professionals and semi-professionals, as well as by students from circus schools. There will be an extra space where you can practise on your own.This will be a space to exchange knowledge and be inspired. Come along and learn something you surely have not done before!

Floor acrobatics in the Werner-von-Linde-Halle


Monday, 8th August to Saturday, 13th August, 10am - 12 noon, 2pm - 4pm and 6pm - 8 pm.

Workshop Coaches

Kathrin Müller, Kompanie Abgefahren
Jasper Herrmann, Duo Unwucht
Flo, Ricky & Tom Loeffl, Spoon Brothers
Jana Diehl & Julika Betz, Prosa 21
Janina Seidel & Andi Miller, Duo Tipp
Toni Schneider & Tom Loeffl, Traumfänger Akrobatik

Special Workshops

Partner Acrobatics for Beginners and Human Pyramids (Basic and Advanced)
You will learn the basic elements of partner acrobatics and the fundamental positions of human pyramids. We will also explore some exciting variations. There will be introductory exercises and games combined with professional teaching methods. Our aim is to make you feel confident and secure, to achieve surprising goals and have a lot of fun.

Jugglobatics (basic and advanced)
Jugglobatics is a rare and exciting fusion of acrobatics and juggling. The workshop will teach you simple acrobatics moves which can be easily combined with juggling balls or clubs. The result is a fascinating mix of strength, agility and balance.

Dynamic Acrobatics (Beginners and Advanced)
We will go through some fancy moves for two or more acrobats and will give you a chance to try out simple and also spectacular dynamic somersaults and ikaria. Tons of fun guaranteed!

Hand Balancing and Acrobatic Duos (Advanced)
The hand balancing workshops are meant for participants who already have substantial acrobatic skills. The main focus of this workshop will be numerous hand-stand variations and all possible kinds of mounts. We will gladly also follow you suggestions.

Adagio Trios (Beginners and Advanced)
Adagio is a special kind of acrobatics which goes through all moves and figures in extreme slow-motion. The audience receives the impression that gravity is suspended. This spectacular variety of acrobatics requires high muscle control and balance. However if shown the right techniques, even beginners can present some startling moves. This is really worth a try!

The Aerial Space in the Olympic Hall


Sunday, August 7th until Saturday, August 13th, 11 am - 1 pm and 2 - 6 pm.

Workshop coaches

Eva Schubach
Yolaine Dooms

Workshop Programme

These are the workshops which have been confirmed so far:
Static Trapeze, Single
Static Trapeze, Double
Vertical silks (beginners and advanced and experts)
Warm Up: every morning at 11 am and every afternoon at 2 pm
You'd like to give a workshop? Great! Simply hand in your offering at the InfoPoint!

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