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Gala w Circus Krone-Bau - czwartek, 11 sierpnia i piątek, 12 sierpnia 2011

Thurday, 11th August, 7:30pm, and Friday, 12th August 2011, 3pm and 7:30pm

The gala show, presenting acclaimed performers from around the world in a unique atmosphere, is the highlight of every EJC. Let yourself be entertained by a selection of acts unique to the EJC.

Das Programm aller Vorstellungen ist identisch. Dolmetscher der nationalen und internationalen Gebärdensprache übersetzen die Shows.

Kartenvorverkauf ...

... über die Homepage Zgłoszenia, München Ticket, vor Ort der EJC, Olympiahalle, und an der Abendkasse Circus Krone Bau ... Da die Gala Shows sehr begehrt sind, ist es empfehlenswert, rechtzeitig die Karten zu kaufen.

Open Show on Königsplatz

Sunday, 7th August 2011, 4pm - 5:30pm
Immediately following the parade of jugglers, Unicyclists, ... and guests from the Olympic Park through Schwabing, the EJC 2011 will celebrate its opening with a show on Königsplatz in front of the Propylaea. The show is in a public space and free for everyone who'd like to attend. Everyone is welcome.

Bavarian Night

Monday, August 8th, 9:30 - 11 pm
The "Bavarian Night" will form a crossroads of the artistic, the weird, the quirky. It will combine acrobatics, circus, music and dance ... all with a specifically Bavarian edge.
Jugglers, musicians, actors, dancers and acrobats will present you with a tongue-in-cheek fusion of their skills and their Bavarian roots. This night is meant to show all the non-Bavarians the savoir-vivre of the free state. Bavarians will be delighted to find both familiar and surprising elements in the show. This will be a concept show without a presenter organized by Jörg Treiber, a.k.a. Schorsch Bross, and realised by a group of Bavarian jugglers and circus artists, together with the juggling group from Bamberg. Typically Bavarian acts will be the "Allacher Schnalzer" and the "Münchner Trachtler", who have already featured at the opening ceremonies of the football world cup in Germany and South Africa.

Special Show with Stefan Sing and Christiana

Tuesday, 9th August., 6:30pm-9:15pm

Fashion Show

Tuesday, 9th August 2011, 21.30 - 22.30 Uhr
The House of Intrika FASHION SHOW is back with more fashion, more skills and more joyous randomness. This is the an interactive event created in the convention by jugglers for jugglers to make the world a more fashionable place: the better the fashion the better our world will be! Come and see your favourite jugglers, VIPs, Papparazzi and Insecurity guards  battling on the catwalk, creating live an unforgettable event. Interested in participating? Contact Frix and Ana at the InfoPoint.

Made in Germany

Wednesday, 10th August, 21.30 - 23.00 Uhr, Olympic Hall
When you come to the EJC in Munich, you think that you have arrived at prototypical Germany? You are right, poets and thinkers, "Vorsprung durch Technik" and many different customs and traditions are at home here.
Ingeborg Lohschmidt, Melanie Meyer and Huber's Franz-Xaver will not only present you with fun facts about Germany and juggling history, but will present an exquisite multi-medial mix of traditional and experimental juggling from all over the country.

The EJC Allstars Show

Thursday, 11th August, 11:45pm-1:45am, Olympic Hall
Who wouldn't like another chance to see the highlights of the past? Who has ever managed to see them all? Numerous acts of past EJCs have been an inspiration for the juggling world. In this show a selection of audience favourites will present their legendary offerings. You can look forward to a fantastic night.
Acts currently planned are: Lorenzo Mastropietro, Thomas Dietz, Stefan Zimmermann, William Lin, Stefan Sing, Wes Peden, Patrik Elmert, Jay Gilligan, Detlef Winterberg, Markus Furtner ...

Light Night Show

Friday, 12th August, 9:30pm – 20:30pm, Show tent
Here we present everything that glows and shines. Enjoy the wonderful pictures drawn onto the night. See the perfect combination of high technology and classic juggling art.

Sobota, 13 sierpnia 2011 Gala Ogniowa

We have reserved the last night of the EJC for a very special fire event: the fire gala. Some of the best fire jugglers and perfomers in the world will display their skills on an open-air stage. You will see both classic and modern props, group choreography and solo acts, top notch juggling, acrobatics and pyrotechnics. The fire gala will show the whole spectrum of what "playing with fire" can mean. The show is open to all and free of charge.
Zabawa z ogniem

Open Stages

Daily 7:30pm-9pm, 6th/7th August, 8:30pm-10pm, Show Tent
If you have a great act you'd like to present, contact Luke Burrage after the show. Whether it's juggling, manipulation, acrobatics, unicycling, comedy or anything else we'd like to see, we offer you the opportunity to present your acts.

codziennie - open stage - renegade - otwarte fire space

Free Fire Play

Daily after dark ... in the fire space
All queries regarding performances in in the various shows. Please contact Markus Furtner at the above address.

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