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Hra s ohňom

The Magic of Fire and Light - Passion and Courage

... and Prometheus taught the humans to observe the movements of the celestial bodies and to divine the future with the help of omens and dreams ... and he stole fire from the gods, the far-reaching lustre among mortals ... (see bibliography)

Anything that flies can also burn! As he sun sets, the fire space slowly lights up. Burning balls, pois, staffs, torches, devilsticks, diabolos, hoops, fans, candles, ropes and many other bizarre utensils draw patterns of flame into the air ...
...  enchanted by a spell ... a pulsating movement ... on trajectories of light and shadow ... entwined in their flight ... senses and sensibility miraculously shaken ... it all blends into one ... straight and bent ... high and low ... ashes and embers ... beginning and end ...

"Only if you are on fire can you can ignite others"

Performers, the curious, jugglers and you too are all invited to experiment with flammable material. Come and play, join in and watch. Open to everyone who'd like to experiment, exchange ideas, train and "burn". Bring your toys and above all your ideas and passion for this art form. We look forward to an amazing line up of flammable props, to learning and passing on new techniques, but most of all to painting beautiful pictures against the night sky. Let the sparks fly...

Fire Gala - Saturday 13 August 2011, Olympiapark

We have reserved the final night of the EJC for a very special fire event: the fire gala. Some of the best fire jugglers and performers in the world will display their skills on an open air stage. They will use classic and brand new tools. There will be choreographed group performances and solo acts, top notch juggling, acrobatics, and of course pyrotechnics galore. The entire spectrum of what artists can do with fire will be on show. This event is for free and open to all.Show


When night falls, the fire people come crawling from their tents. They come together and a very special atmosphere is created. Fire has always been one of the great passions of the jugglers, of the poi players and also of the audience, who are drawn like moths to the flame.

The firespace is the place where you can play with fire under the supervision of fire veterans and any number of skilled helpers.  Safety and environmental regulations will also be a major concern for us. There will be a special zone with shake-off cans where you can get rid of the fluid in an environmentally friendly way. Our firespace volunteers will be glad to show you how to use a shake-off.  The EJC organizers will provide free firetoy fluid (low-soot and low-smoke) for all fire artists. There will also be background music but on a pitch that will allow all the exhausted non-fire juggles to get their night's rest.

Open Stage Fire Show

There will be an Open Stage Fire Show on Monday, 8th August, 9:30 pm at the fire space. We will contact some performers in advance but if you are interested in joining, you can sign up on site with the fire space crew. There will be a preliminary meeting on Sunday for this purpose, where the whole performance will also be planned.
Preliminary Meeting: Sunday, 7th August, 7 pm at the fire space.
The show will be followed by an informal open ended session ... let it burn!

Fire Renegade

... after the Open Stage Fire Show ...

Trommeln der Nacht

Wir wissen, dass so mancher von Euch die unglaublichen Performances der Feuerjongleure auf seinen Trommeln oder Live-Instrumenten mit Leidenschaft, Feuer und Flamme begleitet. Das können wir aus Lärmschutzgründen leider nur bis 22 Uhr zulassen. Wir bitten Dich, die Ruhe der Anwohner der in unmittelbarer Nähe angrenzenden Wohngebiete zu respektieren.

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