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For Jugglers and Acrobats

The Werner-von-Linde-Halle has been fundamentally refurbished and reopened in 2007 as an Olympic centre and training site for track and field athletics. The sports hall encloses an area of 110 x 55 m with a usable space for activities of 5.350 m². The clearance height of the hall is 5,5 m- 8,5 m. It provides seats for 300 spectators.

During the 1972 Olympics the hall hall was used as a warm-up zone for the track and field athletes. It is linked via a tunnel with the Olympic stadium. Drawing its name from Werner von Linde, one of the main organisers of the Olympic Games in Munich, the hall is presently used for athletics competitions, exhibitions and trade fairs.

In 2011 it will be host the EJC - probably the most unusual event in its history -  held where German and international sporting competitions usually take place.

Citius, altius, fortius - faster, higher, stronger - the classic motto of the Olympics, together with the idea that taking part is everything and the concept of the Olympics as a feast of sports ... all this might inspire the Olympic spirit in all of us for a EJC that will be a feast of flying, of defying gravity ... or as they say in Bavaria ois is isy (everything is easy).

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