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Challenge gravity: That is the pursuit of jugglers - To make sense of playing with weightlessness and, in doing so, to experience such contentment at simply reaching into the air to prevent flying objects from falling to the ground ... to do nothing else for hours, days. It just seems absurd.

We must imagine Sisyphus as a happy man. The secret joy of Sisyphus is that his destiny belongs to himself. The rock is what makes him.  (Albert Camus)

It may seem even more absurd to be fascinated by bringing together 5000 jugglers from many European countries and other parts of the world. All these people are then to spend nine days throwing things into the air, both alone and together with others. It seems unbelievable that they might experience bliss simply in being there, experimenting and stretching their limits while they are communicating in a free dialogue of many nations of the world, far removed from any political ideology.

Juggling is a medium between high and low, flight and fall, freedom and boundaries, yearning and fulfilment. It is a magical attraction and in the middle of it all stands the individual with his or her desire and skills, dreams and visions.

You need not be born in the circus to be part of all this.

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