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A Philosophy

Excursion into a Philosophical Vision

The philosophy of juggling between order and chaos as an image of a vision of society in which, both consciously and unconsciously, the desire for freedom, equality and peace is experienced by everyone to some degree?

How high is the sky? As high as you see it.

What is so fascinating about this game?

It seems to be far more than just a game. The personal challenge certainly plays an important role, facing the primal forces of gravity, of space and time, facing nothing but these forces alone.

Juggling, not created by any system, an intrinsic creation of its own, it it subject only to the laws of nature. The flight of balls, clubs, rings, ..., knows no power and hierarchy, everyone is simultaneously their own teacher and student. Personal dedication is rewarded by allowing the game to be played longer.

That involves self-determination, directly and in the present. There is no competition and there are no rules about when "it" works, when it does, it is because of the person themselves. There is no wrong. Is that one of the reasons why gatherings of jugglers, no matter how large, are always peaceful? We can only wonder.

We keep returning to the question of why so many people are so enthusiastic about juggling. It does not matter how old they are. Juggling is booming in a way that  could never have been predicted. The juggling virus infects everyone.

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