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Frequently Asked Questions


When will I be able to preregister?
The pre-registration has already started. There are three stages, with varying prices.

Will there be one-day and multi-day tickets?
There are only single day tickets. If you intend to stay for only a few days you will need to order multiple day tickets.

How long is a day ticket valid?
A day ticket is valid from 8am until 12pm (midday) the following day.

Es gibt Besuchertickets?

Are visitor tickets available?
Visitor tickets are available for those not camping on the site. It is valid from 8am until midnight on a particular day. It provides access to the gym, the shows (except for the gala show) and big tops. However, it does not provide access to the camp sites. Visitor tickets are available at the information desk and through München Ticket.

Will there be a discount for groups of students or families?
No. We jugglers see ourselves as one big family and therefore aim to keep prices as low as possible for everyone.

Is it possible to register as a group?
Yes. Simply collect all names, dates of birth and nationalities in a list. The entire group can then be registered in a single order at . The tickets can then be paid by money transfer in a single sum upon receipt of the confirmation email.

What is included in the price?
Food and beverages are not included. Admission includes unrestricted access to all facilities and events, as well as the camp site. It also includes access to the caravan site, however there are only a limited number of spaces. Please note of the individual regulations which apply to tickets for the entire week, individual days and multiple days as well as to tickets for children. Details can be found in the FAQs below.

What is included in the price of a full week's ticket?
See above. Additionally a gala show ticket is included.
Attention: Children under 5 years of age receive free admission to the gala shows. Children aged 5 years or older require a separate gala show ticket at the full price.

What is included in the price of a one day or multiday ticket?
A gala show ticket is not included in the price, nor are food or beverages. Otherwise free access to all sites and events is included. Access to the camp site is also included, as is access to the caravan site, however this only contains a limited number of places.

Is the gala show e-ticket that I have printed out the ticket I need to present at the door?
The gala show ticket purchased using the prereg system is a printable e-ticket. This e-ticket can be exchanged for a valid gala show ticket upon registration at the Olympiahalle, at any time during the week at the InfoPoint or, if necessary, at the box office at the Circus Krone building immediately before the show.

Will there be a refund if I cancel my order for the full week's ticket and buy several day tickets instead?
We will cancel your order and transfer the entire sum back to you. See the following site for details:

Can I exchange my day ticket for a different day?
If you have a good reason, we will exchange your ticket at the registration desk.

Can I buy a T-shirt on site? Can I exchange my T-shirt for a different size to the one I ordered?
Yes, we will also be selling T-shirts during the EJC. Subject to availability you will also be able to exchange your T-shirt. However, we cannot guarantee that your desired size will still be available.

I am under 18. Can I still attend?
Children and teenagers under 16 years of age can only participate in the EJC with a legal guardian or another adult (from 18 years of age) who takes over the duty of supervision. In both cases please bring the form “participants under 18” ( that has previously been completed by your parents.
Teenagers of 16 or 17 years of age can participate in the EJC on their own provided that they bring a letter of consent signed by a parent / legal guardian and a copy of the valid ID of that same person to the event. Kindly ask your parents to complete the form “participants under 18” (
The EJC does not assume parental supervision for minors.

I am coming from outside the EU and need an invitation in order to apply for a visa to enter the EU. Where can I obtain such an invitation?
Send an e-mail to

Is it possible to reserve a site for my caravan?
We have thought about this and taken the decision that there will be no reservations but first come, first served. Sorry but there is no other way of dealing with this.
Attention: The caravan site is located inside Munich's inner ring. That means your vehicle will need a green or yellow badge costing between 5 and 10 Euros. All relevant information is available at (In English and Spanish as well as in German)

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are strictly prohibited in the gymnasiums and in all tents. The Olympic Park is accessible to the general public. There dogs must be held on a leash at all times. You are responsible for removing and disposing of any "deposits" left by your dog. In everyone's interests, we request that you collect and appropriately dispose of them.

Online registration

How can I register?
You can register via the new EJC online preregistration system.

What is SEPA?
SEPA is simple and has low fees. In many cases it is even free of charge. In order to be sure, please check with your bank. A complete list of participating banks is available here: The registration process includes all necessary explanations. It is best for you to select SEPA bank transfer as the method of payment. This is also the method we prefer. The IBAN and BIC codes will be displayed at the end of the registration process and will also be included in the confirmation email.

My email confirmation or my ticket email has not arrived yet.
Should any problems with email confirmations occur, you can have an additional confirmation for previously completed registrations sent to you at

Do you have any further questions about online registration?
Your country's representative will be happy to assist you:


When can I arrive? When can I leave?
The camp site, the big tops and the gymnasiums will be opened on 6th August. The camp site cannot be entered before that date. Also, the site must be vacated on 14th August. Exceptions for members of the set up team will be made in coordination with the organising team.

What's the best way to travel to the site?
We recommend arriving by rail or air. A detailed description will be published shortly. You can of course also come by car.

Which environmental badge does my car require if I enter in the inner city (inside the Mittlerer Ring), where the festival site is located?
Details will be published shortly.
I will arrive by plane. How do I get to the site from the airport?
The airport to city link is excellent. Take S-Bahn line S10 or S1 to Hauptbahnhof or Marienplatz, then change to U2 or U3. Further details will follow.

What is the parking situation?
For cars: free parking is scarce. There are roughly 3900 parking spaces on the Olympic site's huge "Parkharfe". However, they are not free (4 € / day). We are seeking to arrange free alternatives.
for Caravans: there are three different caravan sites, which together provide enough spaces and are free for everyone. Two of these sites are two to five minutes walk from the festival site, but are inside the environmental zone. The third site is in the university sports facilities and 10 minutes from the Olympiahalle and 25 minutes from the festival site. This site is to the north of the central ring and therefore not in the environmental zone.

When will my car or camper van require an environmental badge?
The environmental zone in general: The environmental zone lies within the ring road (Mittlerer Ring). The ring road itself is not part of the zone.
For cars: Car parking spaces on the Parkharfe, accessible via Sapporobogen are located outside the environmental zone.
For caravans: Two of three caravan areas are located inside the environmental zone. To get there, you either need a green or a yellow environmental badge. The price is between 5 and 10 €. Details can be found at (also in English and Italian).
Information on the environmental badge: Cars with German number plates can obtain the badge at any facility in Germany that provides ASU checks. Cars with foreign plates must order a badge at least three weeks in advance from TÜV Südbayern.
Details can be found here: (also in English and Italian).

I will arrive by plane. How do I get to the site?
Transportation to the airport is excellent. S-Bahn lines S10 or S1 will take you to the main station or Marienplatz. From there you can take  U-Bahn line U2 or U3 to the site. Further details to follow...

Artists and Performing

I am a professional artist and would like to perform. Where do I apply?
To apply to perform in a show, send an email to the show team -
Will I receive free admission if I perform or give a workshop?
No. We intend to have everyone pay admission. The whole convention depends financially on everyone paying their fee.


How do I obtain food and drink at the EJC?
The admission price does not include food or beverages. You must obtain your own food and beverages.
We aim to provide a multitude of international and vegetarian foods and beverages through various caterers. There will also be a beer garden as well as a supermarket run by jugglers that will be set up especially the EJC in a tent. Basic foods and beverages will be available there for reasonable prices. Your purchases there support the EJC. These facilities are all located within the main festival site.
Food is also available at SC Teutonia's club restaurant and at the restaurant in the Werner-von-Linde-Halle.

Information on barbecue sites, cooking areas and routes to low-priced shops will follow ...

Can I barbecue on the camp site?
The festival venue will include a central barbecue site. Fire safety regulations prohibit individual barbecues as well as any other kind of open fire on the camp site. This also applies to the rest of the festival area.

Families and Children

Will there be a childcare service?
We do not assume responsibility for the supervision of children or juveniles under 18. We are however attempting to ensure that activities for children are available in various areas.

Who is responsible for children and juveniles under 18?
Parents are responsible for their children.


Can I volunteer at the EJC? What jobs need to be done?
Yes, you are very welcome to volunteer. "By jugglers for jugglers" is the motto of all EJCs. They rely on your help. There are many different areas which need a helping hand.
When can I be of help?
You can start now or at the EJC itself.
We would be very happy if you sent an email to and introduced yourself:
- What interests / skills / experience do you have (e.g. in organising events, ...)?
- When would you be available to perform tasks (now, during the EJC, during setup or takedown, ...)?
- How much time would you like to put in?
We would then suggest suitable tasks and put you in contact with the appropriate team leader. We look forward to working with you. :)
Will I receive free admission if I volunteer?
No, we depend on your volunteer work and your admission fee in equal measure. That is the only way in which admission fees can be kept low.


We have a caravan and a tent. Can we pitch up next to each other?
Yes, this is possible but only at a limited number of spaces.

Is there electricity on the camp site?
No. Electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops can be charged at power outlets in the gymnasiums and at the registration desk. Please note that we will not be liable to any damage during recharging.

Can I light a fire on the camp site?
No, fire safety regulations strictly prohibit open fires on the entire Olympic site.
Exceptions: the central barbecue site and the fire space

Can I also stay in a room?
Yes, of course you can also stay in a hotel, hostel or similar. However, you will have to organise this yourself.
Since we do not know what your financial or other expectations are, we have compiled a selection of websites for you:
Should you have any questions, please contact us and we will try to help you.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions, just contact us and we will try to answer them and help you along.

Of course you can also contact your country's representative:

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