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World Record Attempts

A 48-Hour Comedy-Juggling-Show with Jolly Goodfellow, a.k.a. Rumpel, the Kangaroo Fool of Oz

Monday, 8th August, 6 pm until Wednesday, 10th August, 6 pm.

... the Kangaroo Fool of Oz ...

From 6pm, Monday, 8th August to 6pm, Wednesday, 10th August a world record attempt for the longest ever non-stop show will be made. Thanks Rumple for putting on this show!

Joggling World Record Attempt by Katja Buntins

Joggling is the combination of jogging and juggling, i.e. juggling while jogging with as few drops as possible. The current world record distance is 50 miles. Fellow juggler, ultramarathon runner and Iron Man veteran Katja Buntins will attempt a 100km joggling run during the EJC.

Wednesday, 10th August 7am-7pm, Olympic Park

Mittwoch, 10. August, 7 - 19 Uhr, Olympiapark

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